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About Dividend Domination Inc.

Dividend Domination Inc. started as just a social media page and has since turned into something much bigger.

Now reaching over 5 million readers every month, Dividend Domination Inc. aims to inform, entertain and empower investors all over the world.

My names Alex and I'm from Toronto, Canada. I have 8+ years of investing experience and have a passion for investing and personal finance. 

My goal is to help you become the best investor you can be. Through Dividend Domination Inc. I share all of my knowledge, tips and tricks in hopes of being the source of information I wish I had when I began my investing journey.


With our expert insights and tips, you can be sure you're making informed decisions to take control of your financial future and live a life most dream of.

The Profit Zone, our financial newsletter owned and operated by Dividend Domination Inc., sends out weekly emails to over 12,500 investors providing them with high quality financial tips in 5 minutes or less.


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